The London Thames Path

A guide to the Thames Path from Putney Bridge to the Thames Barrier

This book presents a unique and richly illustrated guide to the London section of the Thames Path, which runs along both banks of the river from Putney Bridge to the Thames Barrier. Together, the two paths make up a panoramic 40-mile walk through 2000 years of London's history.

Written, designed and illustrated by David Fathers

Published by Frances Lincoln Publishers

Deutsche Welle Euromaxx

Watch the author talk to Deutsche Welle about the River Thames (about 2:25 into the programme)

David Fathers has a beautiful way with words and pictures.
Matt Brown, Londonist

It's a lovely piece of design... this guide is a real winner...
Time Out

London-based walker and artist David Fathers has produced a beautifully illustrated guide to the Thames Path… it’s easy to follow and will appeal to ramblers and casual visitors alike
Walk magazine  The Ramblers Association

Numerous publications, several existing books, a selection of maps. Surely there is no room for another on the Thames Path. Wrong. The London Thames Path by David Fathers is described as a “unique richly illustrated walking guide”. That’s not hype - thanks to the author and artist. His beautiful illustrations and accompanying text highlighting fascinating facts about historic buildings, landmarks and features along the river adorn every page.
River Thames News

Listen to N Quentin Woolf and myself walking and talking a section of the Thames in this Londonist podcast.

Order a copy of the book here:  Amazon, Waterstones  or Guardian Bookshop etc.

Now available as a web app


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The London Thames Path

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The London Thames Path

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The London Thames Path

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