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David Fathers

Illustrator, author & map maker of London guide books & more …


20 walks in London tracing its gruesome and horrific history

Cover - Bloody London

Spanning two thousand years and featuring twenty chilling trails, this charmingly illustrated walking guide will unearth the horrors, secrets and violence buried in the beautiful city’s dreadful past. Each bloodcurdling walk ranges from 0.8–10km in length, for an overall terrifying tour covering 110km of the capital.

Heads on poles

This fascinating guide will reveal the locations of famous haunts of Jack the Ripper, key places involved in the Great Fire of London, the site of John Christie’s house of horrors and much, much more. Bursting with grisly tales of ruthless murders, notorious gangsters, tragic accidents and unsolved mysteries, this book is sure to entertain and shock anyone who dares to venture along the darker path.

With a foreword by Ben Aaronovitch "Two thousand years of bloody London history... a delight"

blood splatter

The example of blood shown above is my own. While working on the book I tried to create numerous blood splatters with ink, acrylic and oil paint. None of them really looked correct. So I asked my wife (a qualified nurse) to take 200 ml of my blood. She refused point blank, saying it was a vital fluid and that I shouldn't be wasting it. So I then contacted a friendly phlebotomist who was only to happy to help in the creative process.

Written, illustrated and designed
by David Fathers

Published by Bloomsbury

Available from Amazon or Waterstones and all bookshops.

Listen to me talking about Bloody London on BBC Radio London with LionHeart: interview

...each page is packed full of narrative, illustrations and often a section of walk map. You definitely get your money’s worth of content, and yet the book is small enough to fit into a coat pocket. Mapping London
Mapping London

The death of Edmund Godfrey

Bloody London spread

Bloody London spread

Bloody London spread

Bloody London spread